3 Good Reasons to Avoid DIY Heater Repair

The Dangers of Amateur Heating Maintenance and Repair

At the end of the cool season, it can be tempting for homeowners to work on their heater. Whether homeowners are trying to turn back the clock on the heater with a little routine heating maintenance or trying to repair it to keep it running, DIY heater repair is seldom a good idea.

Cost savings and time usually drive the urge to work on the heater in the home. Unfortunately, too often, homeowners never realize the benefits they think they will reap from DIY heater repairs. Instead, why not call a professional and avoid these three big problems with DIY heater repairs?

Misdiagnose the Problem

An HVAC contractor has years of on-the-job training. To be eligible to call themselves a contractor means they have accumulated thousands of hours of work and passed tests to prove their competence. Due to these factors, HVAC technicians and contractors are very accurate in their diagnosis of HVAC problems.

Amateurs, on the other hand, don't have this experience. Even handy homeowners will have to do a certain amount of guessing when they make repairs or perform maintenance. This can lead to wasting time and also incurs real financial costs. Spending money on parts and potentially damaging the heating unit can take away the financial benefits of DIY heater repairs with one slip of the wrench. Instead, let professionals do their jobs and fix problems correctly the first time.

Wastes Valuable Time

Along with the wasted costs of buying the wrong parts and potentially damaging the heating unit, time is money, and homeowners attempting DIY heater repairs can waste a lot of it. Think about it. Picking up parts takes time driving to the hardware store. Before anyone takes a trip to the hardware store, they will have to do a lot of research to determine if they are fixing the right problem. After the problem is "fixed," the inevitable nervous will wait to see if the repair is right.

Just save that time and call an HVAC contractor first. HVAC contractors will usually arrive within hours of a phone call. They carry parts and tools so they save time shopping and digging through the garage.

Could Create Big Problems with Insurance

The final and less well-known reason why homeowners should leave heater repairs to the professionals is the insurance. Heaters can be dangerous pieces of equipment when not cared for properly. They can be destroyed by bad maintenance, or they can start fires that result in property damage. If professionals cause these problems, their insurance will cover the damages. If homeowners do the repairs and complications occur, they are liable.

Skip the insurance headache and prevent the risk. Always hire professional HVAC technicians to do heater repairs.

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