How to Save Money On Heating Bills for Holiday Shopping

Lower Electric Bill Means More Holiday Spending Money

Heating costs are one of the biggest expenses that homeowners face during the cold winter months. It can be difficult to juggle the demands of heating a home while saving enough money to buy holiday gifts, enjoy vacations, and fund holiday festivities. Parents may want to give their children the Christmas of their dreams but wonder how it will be possible to afford gifts while also paying for rising heating costs.

In this blog post, HVAC experts share advice on how homeowners can reduce their energy usage and save money this winter. Saving money on utility bills can mean substantial savings towards holiday shopping. Improving the efficiency of the home's heating system will help keep the home warm all winter long without breaking the bank.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Homeowners who want to reduce electric bills this winter should consider installing a programmable or smart thermostat. Thermostats control the overall function of the heating and cooling system. A new wifi thermostat can benefit homeowners by making it easier to program and adjust the temperature for efficiency.

Making small adjustments to the temperature, such as lowering the heat at night when people are asleep or when no one is home, can help homeowners to save money on their electric bills. There is no need to heat an empty house, so why not save money by programming the thermostat around work hours?

New wifi thermostats connect to smartphone applications so that homeowners can adjust their system from anywhere at any time. Smart thermostats are the best for improving energy efficiency. Smart technology learns the home's environment to make automatic adjustments for maximum energy savings without the homeowner lifting a finger.

Air Filter Replacement

The air filter is a mesh screen placed over the air intake for the home's HVAC system. It prevents particles of dust and airborne contaminants from being sucked into the HVAC system. A clean air filter is essential for preventing airborne contaminants from recirculating throughout the house and clogging up the inner workings of the heating system.

The air filter needs to be changed around every three months. Some people may need to change their air filters more frequently, such as people who smoke indoors or have many pets. Animal fur, dust, and other debris can become lodged in the heating system, leading to increased energy bills due to inefficient performance.

Keeping the HVAC system clean by replacing the air filter on time can significantly reduce energy bills. Failing to change air filters often enough is one of the most common reasons people experience a sudden spike in heating costs. When the heating system is full of dust, it cannot perform efficiently, and the struggle to heat the home leads to more energy usage.

HVAC Maintenance

HVAC maintenance at the beginning of the season can help save homeowners money on heating during the cold winter. A tune-up on the heating system is a great way to ensure everything works smoothly. Any parts in the HVAC system that are worn out could cause high utility bills.

Cleaning the inside of the HVAC system to remove any dust and debris can also help improve the performance immediately. Working on heating systems can be dangerous because of the high temperatures, so homeowners should always trust an experienced professional. HVAC technicians will know how to safely inspect, clean, tighten loose parts, and make small repairs to the heating system.

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