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Is A Plumbing Subscription Right For Me?

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We have all been faced with emergency plumbing repairs. When those repairs are unexpected, it can also be quite a hit to our wallets. While labor can be expensive on its own, the cost of part can be astronomical.

What if you had an option not to purchase those parts? Or at least not pay for them right away? More and more companies are now offering plumbing subscription plans.

These plans come with many benefits that you take advantage of. This article will give you the basic outline of what is included, and whether a plumbing subscription plan is right for you!

You Can Rent Parts

renttoownWhen faced with a plumbing emergency, the parts to repair your plumbing can be high. When you are also looking at labor costs, it can be detrimental to your wallet. Fortunately, there is a new way to pay for parts associated with repairs.

With a plumbing subscription, you have the option of rent to own parts. This gives you the ability to pay as you go on expensive plumbing fixtures that you need. Also, since the unit is yours, that investment in parts is going right back into the performance you need for your home.

This can help with the cost of repairs, as you can pay over time. When those inconvenient breakdowns happen, you will have the security of knowing you have the resources to get the repairs done right away.

Plumbing Maintenance Is Important

plumbingmaintenanceAnother important aspect of your plumbing is regular maintenance. Maintenance is imperative for a well-working plumbing system. It is recommended that homeowners have maintenance performed annually on their plumbing, pipes, water heaters, and other appliances and fixtures that run through your water system.

Sometimes, we can forget to have maintenance scheduled, or we simply do not have the funds. With a plumbing subscription plan, however, maintenance plans can be built right in. They can actually be a part of the plan itself, where you will have no cost to you, and they can offer discounts on maintenance repairs that are unexpected.

Ongoing maintenance is the key to longer appliance lifespan, improved energy savings, and added comfort for your home, and now it’s all handled with one low monthly payment; a win-win for everyone.

Reduce Emergency Calls

noplumbingemergenciesReducing the number of emergency calls is another benefit of having regular maintenance performed. Regular maintenance on your plumbing and plumbing appliances can bring to light any problems that could later turn into break downs.

In some cases, an emergency call is unavoidable. With a plumbing subscription plan, you can receive discounts on rates, be put first in line, and of course save on the cost of parts. Usually, VIP memberships will give you all of these added benefits plus more!

Chris Wilson Plumbing & Heating Repairs, Inc has the plumbing subscription plan you are looking for. Whether you want a basic plan, or you want to invest in a VIP membership, we have you covered. Give us a call today for more details at (831) 393-9321.