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No one wants to spend winter freezing in their own home, but that’s what happens when your heater suddenly breaks down and you have to wait for a repair. At Chris Wilson Plumbing & Heating Repairs Inc, our experts can perform maintenance and tune up on your heater to make sure it’s ready to serve you when Old Man Winter arrives.

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Is your heater over 15 years old? If so, it’s time to shop for a new one. Check out our heating installations and call us to assess your needs.

Why Heater Maintenance Is Important

Most heating repair calls come in when the first cold day hits and people find their heaters don’t work and now need emergency repair. You can avoid the hassle of trying to find a heating repair specialist during this busy time if you keep your furnace maintained. Experts say it’s wise to get a furnace tune up in the early fall to fix problems and get your system ready for winter. If you’ve not performed maintenance on your heater or had a tune up, call us today and get scheduled before the cold weather sets in.

How to Know If You Need Furnace Replacement

Getting a new furnace is a big expense, but eventually, your heater will break down and you need a new one. Here are common signs that point to you needing a furnace replacement and when you should call a furnace replacement company for help.

  • Age: If your furnace is over 15 years old, it’s past its prime, and getting a new unit is cheaper than repairing the old one.
  • Increase in Energy Costs: The older your furnace gets, the more inefficient it becomes. You can save money with a new, higher efficiency unit.
  • Your Home Is Cold: If your home doesn’t get as warm as it used to, it’s time to think about a new furnace.
  • Loud Noises: When your furnace makes grinding or whining noises, it’s a sign you need to shop for a new one.

Have you experienced a sudden loss of heat? It could be your heat pump that’s the culprit. Check out our heat pump services and call for an evaluation.

Why Choose Us?

At Chris Wilson Plumbing & Heating Repairs Inc, we know you have plenty of heating contractors you can call in the Seaside, CA area. But we want to be your ‘go-to’ heating repair company because we have over 35 years of experience so you know you’re getting top quality work. Also, our clean cut, professional technicians are organized and trustworthy so you can feel safe letting them into your home. Last, we stand behind our work, which means we don’t stop until you’re satisfied.

You and your family deserve a warm, comfortable home in winter. If you don’t have that, we can make it happen. Call Chris Wilson Plumbing & Heating Repairs Inc in the Seaside, CA area at 831-393-9321 and let us become your trusted heating repair company.