Seaside Dehumidifier Services

Breathe easier with a new whole-house dehumidifier in your Seaside home

Excess humidity in your home can lead to allergy problems, mold growth, musty odors, condensation on windows, wet spots on your walls, and a general clammy feeling.

The solution? A whole-home dehumidifier. This device is designed to work alongside your existing HVAC system, so you receive its full effect throughout your home.

Chris Wilson Plumbing & Heating Repairs Inc provides expert dehumidifier installations for Seaside, CA homeowners. Our goal is to ensure your total indoor comfort. Give us a call today to learn more about your options to remove excess humidity in your home!

dehumidifier services

Benefits of Whole-House Dehumidifiers

What can you expect from a new dehumidifier?

  • No more clammy skin feeling
  • Reduced risk of mold/bacteria growth
  • Cleaner air as musty odors are removed

What’s great about a whole-house dehumidifier is that it works as a complement to your air conditioner. With less moisture in your home, your air conditioner is relieved from working harder than it should - resulting in lower energy costs for you.

What Kind of Maintenance is Required?

Our team will perform maintenance inspections and services as part of our HVAC agreement to members. During routine maintenance we will replace the filter, check the condenser coils, and clean the exhaust and intake grills.

Call now at 831-393-9321 to discuss your Seaside, CA indoor air quality needs and find out if a whole home dehumidifier is right for you.