Seaside Water Leak Detection

Accurate water leak repair and detection in Seaside, CA

Do you suspect a hidden water leak in your home? Signs of leaking water pipes include the sound of running water at odd times, inaccurate water meter readings, wet spots on ceiling, mold/mildew growth in unexpected places, and of course rising water bills.

At Chris Wilson Plumbing & Heating Repairs Inc we provide accurate water leak detection using the latest technology. We can identify the source of the leak and recommend the right options for you. Give us a call now for immediate leak detection in Seaside, CA and surrounding areas.

water leak detection services

What Causes Pipe Leaks?

  • Corrosion due to old age or poor maintenance
  • Cold weather leading to burst pipes
  • Poorly installed pipes
  • Tree root invasion
  • Cracks in your system
  • Major pipe blockages

What We Do to Fix the Problem

Video camera inspection: Our preferred method of leak detection involves the use of infrared technology. This involves a camera designed to take pictures and videos of a pipe at various angles, allowing us a closer inspection to pinpoint cracks and other potential issues within the pipe.

How Can You Avoid Leaks in the Future?

  • Schedule regular plumbing maintenance
  • Replace deteriorating or damaged pipes
  • Insulate pipes during colder weather
  • Avoid pouring harmful materials down your drains
  • Plant trees farther away from your plumbing lines

Call 831-393-9321 to schedule an immediate water leak detection in Seaside, CA. We will get to the source of the problem and repair your plumbing lines safely and accurately.