Seaside Evaporator Coil Replacement

Get professional evaporator coil installation services in your Seaside home

Are you having problems with your air conditioner? The issue may lie in the evaporator coil. Chris Wilson Plumbing & Heating Repairs Inc provides evaporator coil services for homeowners throughout Seaside, CA and surrounding areas.

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Importance of Timely Evaporator Coil Service

The most effective way to keep your air conditioner running efficiently is through regular system maintenance. Our team provides AC maintenance programs that include evaporator coil checks.

Timely evaporator coil service helps you…

  • Avoid unnecessary replacement - Detecting problems early on can mean the difference between repair and replacement.
  • Enjoy greater indoor comfort - A properly working evaporator coil ensures proper temperatures and airflow without any interruptions.
  • Keep energy costs low - A faulty evaporator coil can affect the overall efficiency of your AC unit; this means increased energy costs. Healthy evaporator coils mean efficient AC units - keeping energy costs at a reasonable level.

Common Evaporator Coil Problems

  • Refrigerant leaks - This is often due to incorrectly sized AC units or poor installation. Do not try to top off refrigerant yourself; an HVAC technician will need to repair the leak first and make sure your unit receives the proper charge.
  • Unpleasant odors - Bacteria and mold can build up in the evaporator coil. This can lead to foul smells circulating throughout your home when the AC is running.
  • Frozen coils - Evaporator coils usually hover around 32° F. Water that remains too long on the coils due to blocked coils will freeze and cause the blades to become iced over.

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