Seaside Ductless Mini Split AC Installation

Enjoy an expertly installed ductless mini split AC when you call our Seaside contractors!

Are you planning to add a new ductless mini split AC to your home? Chris Wilson Plumbing & Heating Repairs Inc provides expert ductless mini split installations for homeowners throughout Seaside, CA and surrounding areas. Give us a call to discuss your cooling needs and we will work out a plan to get you the right system that best meets your needs.

ductless mini split air conditioning service

Benefits of Installing a Ductless Mini Split AC

If you have never had a ductless mini split before and are wondering what you can get out of it, here are some of the benefits you can expect:

  • Lower electricity bills - you control which rooms are cooled
  • Zoned cooling - set different temperatures to different rooms
  • Easy installation - no ductwork to consider, minimal alterations to your home
  • Quiet operation - you won’t hear the blast of your AC starting up
  • Space efficient - you can install a ductless mini split virtually anywhere

Some homeowners may be wondering how much they can save with a ductless mini split. You can expect to save 30-40% on your energy costs with this system. Zoned cooling makes it possible to have greater control over how cool you want certain rooms, and whether you want to cool certain areas at all - all leading to better cooling efficiency and lower energy costs.

How Much Maintenance is Required?

Ductless mini splits may have less components than central air systems, but they still require regular maintenance.

  • Filter replacements
  • Interior component checks
  • Regular inspections

These can all be covered by routine service from our team. Ask us about our HVAC Service Agreements and how you can benefit as a member.

Call 831-393-9321 to find out if a ductless mini split AC is right for you. If you are ready to install one in your Seaside, CA home, we will guide you every step of the way.