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Common HVAC Problems: Reasons Why Air Conditioners Stop Cooling

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Reasons Why Air Conditioners Stop Cooling

Most people just want to kick back on the couch with a glass of cold water after a long day of work. Yet, on many occasions, after walking through the front door, many individuals are greeted by a stuffy, hot, house.

This is when questions start arising, was the energy bill paid on time? Were all the windows and doors properly closed? And unfortunately, the answer to these questions tends to be yes! Making homeowners all over the nation begin to wonder why the AC is simply not working.  

It is very often that people assume their HVAC system will work at all hours when needed. Leading them to forget scheduling annual air conditioning services. If an AC is not working, people try a few easy tricks to get it back in shape, like hitting (not recommended), but most tricks do not work. And so comes the time to call a professional HVAC Technician who can take a look at the entire system.

The following article has some of the most common AC issues behind these unfortunate situations. It explains why some air conditioners can’t fully cool down a house, and how to avoid such an uncomfortable circumstance.

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A Dirty Air Conditioner

Often, all that people need to do in order to help an air conditioning unit run efficiently is a little bit of cleaning. This not only applies to the inside, but the outside components need to be thoroughly cleaned as well. The fins on the exterior of each unit are delicate, and a great way to get them clean is to suck out dirt and debris with a shop-vac.

Whenever a shop-vac does not do the trick, a gentle brush and soap can be used to scrub them properly. After cleaning the fins, the area surrounding this unit should be kept clear as well. Air conditioners suck in a lot of outdoor air from this specific spot, so there needs to be some open space around it. Otherwise, the AC will just pull in dirt, leaves, and debris, clogging the fins all over again.

Inside the home, it is important to check the evaporator drain to make sure that it is not clogged. If there is any algae or mold, the area must be cleaned and disinfected. A dirty unit can’t cycle air properly, so often, a home’s cooling system can be repaired by a simple cleaning of the unit.

Dirty AC


Lack of Refrigerant Recharges

Coolant is an essential part of an air conditioner’s process. The coils inside every unit are full of refrigerant, and the AC forces air over the cold coils, which is how it cools the air inside every home.

If the air conditioner’s coils are low on coolant, the air that flows over them will never cool down. Making an entire house that much harder to keep cold. Low refrigerant can be spotted after both the exterior and interior of the unit have been cleaned, but warm air continues to blow through the vents. 

Sometimes it is not easy to spot that a unit is low on coolant until the monthly energy bill arrives. If the coolant is not totally out, the house might remain cold, but then the HVAC system has to run a lot more to keep it cool, leading to an expensive energy bill.

An air conditioner is a closed system, so the only way for the coolant to be too low is if the system itself is leaking. Professional hires are needed in order to repair the leak and refill the coolant. Homeowners cannot purchase coolant because, in order to handle coolant, an individual has to be EPA certified.


Incorrect Installation

The most frustrating situation is, possibly, when a house is already hot despite a brand new air conditioner. Poor installation leads to higher energy bills, this is because the HVAC system wouldn’t run efficiently.

Everyone makes mistakes, so sometimes the incorrect installation is an honest error. However, it’s important to find a trustworthy professional who can do the project right the first time, or who will fix their wrong installation.

Sometimes, the chosen air conditioner is too small for the size of the house. Homeowners can avoid this with a quality contractor who will help pick the right unit for anyone’s home. Rather than installing one that is too big or too small. A good contractor should also install air ducts in order to avoid air leaks. Having little leaks throughout the duct system lowers air pressure and wastes more energy, by making the system work harder.

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