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How Does Your Air Conditioner Cool Your Home

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Understand the Intricacies of Air Conditioning Services

There are many parts of people's daily lives that everyone goes about without fully understanding, unless there was a personal experience related to the product. Many people don’t really know how cars or computers work, for example. Similarly, although most homeowners have air conditioning systems installed in their homes, few really understand how this essential part of their household functions.

‘How does the air conditioning actually work?’ is a very common FAQ. In this article, HVAC experts give you some of the basic information on how they work and how to determine when expert AC services are needed.

Your Air Conditioning Components

chris wilsonAn air conditioning system needs several important parts to function properly. Perhaps the most basic of these AC parts is the refrigerant itself.

This has to be a liquid substance with a relatively low boiling point and is used to cool air as it passes over the coils. Air conditioning systems also need a compressor, a fan, and the evaporator coils in which the necessary processes take place.

Additionally, you rely on your ductwork to help distribute the air throughout your home, along with the air handler which is responsible for pumping that air. Because of the number of parts and systems used in the cooling process, it can be challenging to determine where an issue is originating from without professional help.

How Do They All Work Together?

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An air conditioning’s function is based on the fact that, when a liquid turns to gas, it takes heat with it. Most everyone understands this; it’s why people grow cooler when they sweat because the heat is leaving the body with the evaporated water.

In an air conditioning unit, the refrigerant liquid, which has a low boiling point, will turn to a gas when it meets the heat of the room in question. While the heat from the gas is then transferred outside the building, the fan on the air conditioning unit blows outwards into the room, transferring the cool air left behind by the evaporated gas into your room.

Eventually, the refrigerant itself is compressed back into a liquid form by the compressor. Once it is a liquid, it is released again from the compressor. Again exposed to the heat of the room, it can be turned to gas again; the process repeats itself over and over after you switch the air conditioning on, and your room becomes cool.

Leave Maintenance to the Pros

ac maintenanceKnowing how an air conditioning system works can be useful trivia or a way to describe a problem to HVAC services when they come to your house.

Be aware, though, that it’s not a good idea to try to fix your own air conditioning unit unless you are an HVAC tradesman yourself.

Some units contain substances that may be harmful if mishandled, and air conditioning maintenance workers have undergone training to ensure they understand how the system functions, and how to approach it.

It’s always best to call in a professional if you begin to have trouble with your air conditioning unit. They will be happy to ensure that your air conditioning is functioning again as quickly as possible.

Trust Your Local Experts

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