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Common Sewer Line Problems

Knowing what issues to look for in your sewer line can help you get help in time.

Fortunately, the signs and symptoms of sewer line failure are often easy to spot:

  • Gurgling sounds or foul odors coming from the drain
  • Slow-draining or standing water in the sink or tub
  • Dirty water backing up into the sink or tub
  • Difficulty flushing the toilet
  • Toilet takes a long time to refill once flushed

What’s Causing the Problem?

Many common factors leading to sewer repair or replacement have nothing to do with the age or quality of the pipe. Newer homes are just as likely to experience sewer line problems as older properties.

Here are some of the most common issues that affect your sewer line:

Tree roots: We advise homeowners to avoid planting trees near the sewer line, as the roots will eventually start to reach down in search of a fresh source of water. This often results in cracks and blockages in your sewer line.

Harsh weather: A sudden rise in outdoor temperatures will cause the ground to shift. Your sewer line may become dislodged or disconnected in the process.

Wear and tear: Older pipes are not the only ones at risk for replacement due to wear and tear. Using harmful chemical drain cleaners can damage your pipes and lead to early failure.

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