Seaside Water Filtration System Installation

Hassle-free water filtration installation in Seaside, CA

Do you need to add a whole-house water filter to your Seaside home? Whether you have just moved into a new place, or are tired of buying bottled water, a water filtration system is one of the most important additions to your home. Whole-house filtration supplies you with clean, healthy water from any tap. But choosing the right system can seem daunting, with so many different filtration technologies available.

Chris Wilson Plumbing & Heating Repairs Inc guides you every step of the way. We will review your options, help you pick one that best meets your needs, and properly install it for you.

water filtration system installation servivces

Your Water Filtration Options

  • Charcoal filters - most popular, budget-friendly
  • Sediment filters - ideal for homes using well water
  • Reverse osmosis - removes Cryptosporidium, minerals; creates bottle-quality water
  • Alkaline water ionizers - adds milli-volt charge to water and minerals, shifts pH level
  • UV water filters - effectively kills germs
  • Magnetic water filters - uses magnets to reshape minerals in water
  • Infrared water filters - passively reshapes the water structure
  • Catalytic water filters - utilizes resin bead coatings to target specific toxins

The filtration system you choose will depend on your specific water quality issues - what minerals and contaminants are currently present in your water. We determine this by carrying out a water quality test. Once we receive the results we will recommend the water filtration system that best meets your needs.

Why Work With Us?

Chris Wilson Plumbing & Heating Repairs Inc is committed to providing top notch service with every job. We take the time to listen to your needs and make sure you receive the most accurate and cost effective solution.

Our customers enjoy:

  • Fast turnarounds
  • No-surprise pricing
  • No mess left behind
  • Tailored service
  • Total peace of mind

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