Seaside Water Softener Service

Fast and accurate water softener installation service in Seaside, CA

Are you struggling with hard water? Give your family the peace of mind they need with a new water softener system. Chris Wilson Plumbing & Heating Repairs Inc provides whole home water softener services throughout Seaside, CA and surrounding areas. We perform installations and repairs on all types of water softener systems.

whole house water softener services

Benefits of Water Softeners

  • No more spots on your glassware and dishes
  • Hair and skin feel softer, smoother after showering
  • Minimizes soap scum, making cleaning easier
  • Easier to lather soaps/shampoos
  • Clothes look brighter and cleaner out of the laundry
  • Extends life of appliances that use water, such as coffeemakers and dishwashers

How Much Maintenance is Involved?

Water softeners are easy to maintain. The team at Chris Wilson provide regular water softener servicing as part of our greater plumbing maintenance plan.

To give you an overview of what maintenance is involved:

  • Rock salt should be added to the unit on a regular basis, depending on how much the water softener is used. Most units feature an alert light that will let you know when the machine is running low on salt.
  • The water softener system needs to be cleaned at least once a year. This can be done during your annual plumbing maintenance.
    • Enjoy the water in your Seaside, CA home with a new whole home water softener. Call 831-393-9321 to discuss your needs with our team.