Get an Early Start on Fall Heating Maintenance

Get Heating Systems Ready With Early Maintenance

If the temperature is any indication, there's still plenty of summertime to go. It may seem too early to start thinking about fall, but in reality, it can be helpful to get an early start on some fall chores. One of the recommendations that heating maintenance specialists make is to schedule yearly fall heating maintenance early.

Few things are as frustrating and chilling as losing the heater during the fall and winter. To prevent problems from occurring with the heater during the cold season, homeowners should take time to schedule heater maintenance early before the rush starts. This article is a quick guide to fall heater maintenance, including the benefits and a quick walk-through of the process from local heater maintenance experts.

Benefits of Heating Maintenance

Routine maintenance is part of owning any machine or appliance. People are quick to change the oil in their cars as part of a maintenance program, but homeowners often forget to give their heater and air conditioner some attention. Experts recommend HVAC maintenance twice per year, once in the spring to focus on the AC and once in the fall to focus on the heater. This allows each system to be prepared for the upcoming season so homeowners can recognize benefits like:

  • Lower heating bills
  • Greater reliability
  • Lower repair bills
  • Longer equipment lifespan

What Is Included In Heater Maintenance?

Heater maintenance is part of a comprehensive maintenance program for the entire HVAC system. Every three months, owners should ensure that air filters are changed for their heater and air conditioner. This keeps air flowing freely through the system and reduces the amount of dirt and grime that can cause damage inside the heater. Changing the filters can be done by homeowners and is the most important step in maintenance.

Professional heater maintenance is the second most important step. This service is done by a maintenance professional and aims to protect heating equipment. Some of the things a professional will do during heater maintenance are:

  • Ensure clean filters are in service
  • Check the blower motor and electrical components
  • Look for gas leaks
  • Clean the burner
  • Ensure proper operation
  • Check the thermostat

It's Never Too Early To Start

With high temperatures still hanging around for another month, it may seem too early to worry about heater maintenance. However, this is a perfect time. Early fall maintenance ensures that the service can get done on time. Once temperatures drop and everyone turns on their furnace, everyone else will be prompted to call for maintenance or emergency service. Scheduling fall maintenance early ensures that maintenance gets done before the company is busy responding to other customers' repairs or maintenance calls.

Another benefit of scheduling maintenance early is it gives time for a company to do repairs if they find something wrong. Heater repairs can take days between calls and waiting on parts. With early maintenance, professionals can find problems early and repair them before the heater is necessary, so homeowners don't have to deal with an outage.

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